Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week At A Glance

Another busy week for Avery's Designs- 4 designs and... Avery's Designs is now on Facebook! 

The first design was a custom piece for PUYB Virtual Book Club, run by Dorothy and Tracee (Tracee is also the owner of The Zen Reader and I'm Shelf-ish)! Dorothy and Tracee wanted a design which incorporated both of them, bookshelves, and  the colour aqua. Together we came up with the following design! 

The next design was for Hayley of Booking It With Hayley G- Hayley was one of the winner's of Avery's Designs Grand Opening Celebration! Hayley really liked the Lily's Book Lair premade package so we changed it up a bit to best represent her! 

The next design was for Melissa of Buried Under Books. This is, without a doubt, one of my most favourite designs to date- partly because it allowed me to experiment and play around a lot and partly because it is so ME (I was totally one of those punked-out emo kids in high school, not unlike the avatar). For this design Melissa wanted the complete package- a blog design including meme banners and a design for bookmarks! 

The final design was for Carla of Library Mosaic. While I was admittedly a bit hesitant about the design colour (I'm more of a cold colour fan rather than a warm colour fan), I absolutely love how it turned out! This design was inspired by the story of the princess and the pea! 

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