Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Custom Design from Start to Finish

As you may know, I recently announced that Avery's Designs is now accepting custom work! However, you may be wondering exactly what custom work entails, below you will find an example.

I was recently approached by a client who wanted a personalized look for her blog, she wanted the design to include an avatar in her image (including her sidepart and Rayban glasses), leopard print, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a lightsaber (in Mace Windu purple), and a laptop.

Taking all of her elements into consideration, I then drafted a VERY rough, preliminary design.

However, after allowing the design to simmer for a while, I realized that it was just TOO busy, and therefore went back to the drawing board.

Together we decided that this was more along the lines of what she was looking for. I then set out to personalize the avatar, making it as close to her appearance as possible. 

While this was getting closer, it still wasn't there- especially with her glasses and hair. So we decided to see if another avatar may have worked better.

While these girls were both nice, they were missing something that the original girl had...

Now THIS was more along the line of what she was looking for- but now to add the finishing touches, her blog's name and tagline and the lightsaber element. 

VoilĂ - custom design from start to finish! 

Together (and many, many emails later, mainly on my part- what can I say? I  am an email-sort of person) we were able to create exactly what she was looking for- a truly one-of-a-kind design! 

You can get your own custom design by contacting me HERE

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